Our Story

Marcie Gulotta is an amazing, creative and kind kid who loves animals and enjoys sports. Marcie struggles with ADHD which affects her school performance and gets her in constant trouble. Her older brother, Andrew, was injured in severe car crash that almost claimed his life. He went through many surgeries and lives in physical and emotional pain. Caring for kids, their mom, Svetlana Gulotta, works as a freelance social media consultant and a web designer; however, she struggles with paying bills and is currently underemployed as a professional.

Recent mom's employment was paying so low that the family got behind on bills and debts were growing exponentially. On top of it, Ventura County had hard time collecting child support for the mom, leaving her to survive with 2 children with disabilities alone without any financial help. As a new web design and social media entrepreneur in Camarillo, Ventura County, she could only find scarce jobs that paid a little above minimum wage, although she networked and volunteered often at local non-profit business centers.

This fundraiser is for the emergency relief for Gulotta Marcie, Svetlana, Andrew Tiyal and his friend Shyann who resides in property that fell behind on electric bills. Their electricity will be shot off on January 14, as of warning letter from Edison, Department of Power.

To Help In Person


Svetlana Gulotta
Camarillo, CA

(818) 793-1515


Andrew Tiyal
Camarillo, CA

(818) 324-8352